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T1135 not showing up on 'transmit'


Had a situation today, when trying to file form T1135 - it did not come up in the transmit section…

With the help of @Tony at Trilogy, determined that the ‘yes’ box was not clicked on the info page…
No diagnostic message appeared on this contradiction where the T1135 was completed, with contrary, while ‘no’ was indicated on the info page…

  1. is there any easy way to determine if any forms were missed filing because of this?
  2. can we have a diagnostic please


Associated with that, it would be helpful if the information from the previous year carried forward on the T1135 (if I haven’t missed an option that already exists?). That would be an easy diagnostic to trigger. I have clients with condo’s in the US that must be reported on this form. It would be nice to not have to re-enter the information each year.