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T1013 transmission restriction due to birth date

Is there any chance that the transmission restriction relating to birth dates for T1013s could be removed? I don’t see any requirement for it - it isn’t relevant to the T1013 form, but perhaps it’s part of the efile transmission?

For new clients we often get T1013s signed in our initial consultation meeting before we have received other information from the client (i.e. draft, print, and sign in the meeting). It would be preferable to have as few transmission restrictions as possible - these meetings are always very busy so the fewer things we need to remember to cover, the better!

I believe that is a requirement from CRA to help verify that you are referring to the proper taxpayer; therefore, I would be surprised it could be removed.

I was wondering if that was the case with this being the only issue that will hold up transmission.

I don’t remember this being a requirement in Profile, but I could be wrong, or perhaps it’s a new CRA requirement as I haven’t used Profile in quite some time.

I am sure I have had T1013 submissions rejected because the date of birth did not match; however, I could be wrong about that. I am sure @Cameron could confirm if it is a CRA requirement or not.

@rick.s @james1

The birthdate is not actually a requirement.

I’m going to look at removing the review message for T1013/T1135 and PAD… I just have to make sure that the change doesn’t cause rework for EFILE or TP1 Netfile.

~ Cameron

Thanks @Cameron

Well I am wrong most times I guess.:cry:

The only client specific information that gets transmitted on a T1013 is the Client’s Name and Social Insurance number.

Efiler Username
Efiler Password
Form Number: T1013
Form Version: 2016
Form Release Date: (ie 2017 03 08)
Software Vendor Code: 035H
Tax Preparer id: ie X1234
Document Control Number: (25 digits)
Client SIN Number
Client First Name
Client Last Name
Business Number (or Repid)
Authorization Level: 1 or 2
Printed Name of Signature: John Doe
Date of submission: YYYY MM DD

The T1013 will normally get processed immediately if the client has filed a T1 return in the past and the client does not have a C/O line in their address, OR the CRA has no reason to believe the client’s address has changed without notification since their last T1 was filed (ie the CRA has not received any returned mail).

If a client is under 16 years old the T1013 needs to be signed by a legal guardian

If the T1013 is for a first time filer, you need to file the T1 return first, wait for the assessment, then file the T1013. If done in this order, the form should be processed immediately.

Could we also fix when you hit F4 and type 1013 it defaults to the actual form and not the results page. the last update appears to have broken it.

Since people who are too young lack the legal capacity to consent, a birth date check might assist

  • having said that, I have never attempted to have a T1013 completed without first obtaining sufficient information from the client, so I dont know what checks Taxcycle may or may not be making.
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Typing 1013 should give the form with the shortest matching name. If it matched the t1013results, there would be no way to get to the T1013 using only the keyboard. You can type 13r or even 3r to get the T1013Results page.

It appears to be working as designed in every version I’ve tested, and we’ve changed nothing that should have changed this behaviour, but maybe I’m misunderstanding something.


I had to search for it and maybe it did not change. I found our conversation about it in my emails back on 3/12/2015. If you hit F4 and type T1013 you get the T1013 form; however, if you just type 1013 without the “T” you get the results page first. I guess the last couple of returns I start to cheat and only type 1013.

That being said, I am sure T1013 used bring up the results page first and it was changed so could the same be true for using just 1013?