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T1 Workflow Change Request - add more lines for the top notes area

I love the T1 workflow checklist and notes fields.

I would like more room in the free-form notes area above all the workflow steps. This could be accomplished in one of two ways.

  1. simply expand the notes area to unlimited.
  2. create a way to a list of quick summary notes in the current top notes area with a way to link to a more detailed version for each summary.

Currently I am using the notes area on the top to summarize the following situations:

  1. Planning - RRSP, estimated tax, various income scenarios.
  2. Engagement - high level list of documents to come
  3. Assessment - date and status of reconciliation
  4. Adjustments - notes for each assessment and reassessment
  5. Installments due

Previously I had noted these in OneNote and then copied and pasted into a client email. During this 2019 tax season I have been keeping track of the pending and to be followed items in this top notes area directly in TaxCycle.

I have have needed much more capacity in this top level expandable notes field and have maxed out the character count. So, now I have to resort to a combination of a Word Doc, an Excel, and OneNote to keep track of a series of four Adjustments:

T1 2019

  1. As filed.
  2. Installments reapplied
  3. ReFile with slips correction
  4. Reassessment expected in 2021 from 2020 loss carryback.

I would prefer to use TaxCycle for all my workflow notes, if possible.