T1 Adjustment

Can any one help me here, for the preparation of T1 adjustment.

My question is, when I make T1 adjustment for already filed tax return. Its easy and the software do automatic changes in the T1 Adjustments and ready to re-efile.

But if I want to make T1 adjustment for a client, whose tax return was not submitted by me. Then the software don’t prepare automatic T1 adjustment form. Even I make the whole personal tax return, as per the same numbers (submitted to CRA)

Any idea, how to make T1 adjustment for those, for whom I have not filed the tax return originally.

Prepare the return so it syncs with CRA’s numbers.

Go to Tools on the top of your screen

Click Take Snapshot

Click on o As filed - Used to complete a T1-ADJ

Update the file for the needed changes. Below you tab it will say:
Return has changed since “As filed - Used to complete a T1-ADJ” snapshot was taken on MMM DD, YYYY.
Show the changes | Create a T1-ADJ?

Click on Create a T1-ADJ?

You know the rest.

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Other than Helga’s advice, if it is a simple adjustment you might want to use the “Change my return” option on Represent a Client (CRA online). I’ve done that a few times when I figured it was not worth my time to recreate the previously filed return in TaxCycle.

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Thank you so much helga. It worked. Thank you so much again


I use the method described by Helga Spence in the following instances:-

  1. Assessment mismatch from the return as filed. I change the return to match the CRA assessment and date the snapshot the NOA date. This helps me to understand and to communicate with the client about what changed and why. It also creates and audit trail for follow any corrections or additional changes.
  2. CRA reassessments. I change the return to match the CRA assessment and date the snapshot to be the CRA reassessment date. If I need to ask for an adjustment from the reassessment, then the matching is easier.
  3. New or changed client information. This is the simplest and the usual method.
  4. Per your situation, if I did not prepare the original T1 efile, then I match the NOA and adjust accordingly. I date and note the original file per the NOA. Then I make my changes. I create pdfs of the T1 Adj, T1 Return Client Copy, T1 Condensed, and T183, and, add notes to the workflow. Then if the client has any questions I can quickly review the file, my PDF’s, and the workflow notes. This way I don’t have to rethink what I did and why from scratch every time a client has question. Proactively I describe this when filed and confirm on the NOA date. This way I have fewer interruptions out of left field on a T1 Return when I am busy with Corporate Returns or bookkeeping write-up. It also gives me an opportunity to explore any tax planning opportunities.

I have a client on CPP disability, His children received a T4A § as well as him this year, under box (17) child benefit. The children are 10 and 12. Is this to be reported under the childs income in the dependent field ?

Yes, it’s added it any other income the child may have: for example - mowing the lawns, shoveling snow, etc.