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T1 Printing Issues

We have 10 licenses total in our office and they’re all linked to the same options share package on our server. Only one of our agents is experiencing issues where taxcycle will not print the client copy of the tax return, even when the agent tries to print the client copy individually. Do you have any suggestions on how to correct this problem?

Also is there any way that the IT department could update the print screen to be able to deselect an entire client from printing instead of having to manually deselect all the print settings from one client so their return doesn’t print.

unless you set them such, printers are controlled locally, rather than by your option package…

Also, especially using custom fields, you can turn print sets on and off individually…

Sounds like a computer issue rather than Taxcycle. Double check the person is actually connected to your options package in addition make sure he did not override the print options. You could uninstall and reinstall Taxcycle on that computer as well just in case it is a software corruption.