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Print set problems

Our admins send out certain T1 documents to clients as a summary for their records after filing their personal tax returns.

Print sets have been fantastic at automating this process by smartly printing relevant forms we want to include in these summaries. We are having an issue with our print sets right now that is making this problematic, essentially the print set modifications we make don’t seem to be properly accessible afterwards. Seems to be a recent issue, maybe occurring in the last couple releases. I was noticing a related problem as of a few months ago where I was not able to modify my local print sets while our shared options profile on the server was in read only mode (despite the print set options not being locked by the shared options profile). I temporarily removed the read-only attribute for the shared options profiles as a work around, but this does not help with the more recent issue we’re having.

If we go into options in TaxCycle and manually reload the shared profile every time there is a print set issue, it seems to correct the problem temporarily. This is not ideal for our less tech saavy folks though.

Wondering if anyone else is running into this issue?


Rick –

Is this issue with the print sets (the list of forms and the relevant conditions) or print settings (the printer, try, pdf file name etc)?

Just trying to figure out where to look…

Thanks Cameron - seems to be with the print sets.

Ex. whenever I ask to print a T1, I am greeted with a list of print sets. However, if I do not perform a reload on the options profile, the only two print sets I’m greeted with are:

  1. Client Copy; and
  2. Office Copy

Any of the print set’s I’ve created (or others prepared in the past) do not appear in this listing. In order to load them, I have to use the “reload” function in options. Just playing around with this now, it doesn’t seem to matter if I’ve selected the shared options profile or the local one on the PC before triggering the reload - I just have to perform the options profile reload and then all print sets seem to appear. This is the function I’m referring to:

We have shared options profiles saved to an on-prem server, which are accessible as a mapped network drive on all individual PCs in our office. The print set setting are not part of the shared options profile (we find it best if each PC can edit them locally for the different things we all tend to send to clients).

Has anyone had a chance to look into this? We could provide more information if needed?

We are running the latest build and this print set glitch is ongoing.

@Steven @Cameron, any idea what might be causing this? We are still experiencing this issue re: print sets. Causing a lot of confusion with our preparers, etc.

@rick.s – I’ve made some changes in this area. I’ll get a sample build that you can play with… give me a day or so.