T1 Family Print

New version of TaxCycle installed. In the T1 module, the Family Print option is missing from the tools bar. Where’d it go?

Just spent some time looking for it - it is gone, but hopefully not for good!

It’s showing on my install of the latest version, under both the client tab and the file tab.

What am I missing? Where are you looking for it?

Used to be under tools tab. I’ll have a look where you suggest when I get my laptop open again. Later tomorrow. Thanks.

I’m running the most recent version, version 11.2.47092.0, and the Family Print option is working for me. Actually, thank you for mentioning this, as I’ve never actually tried using this feature (didn’t actually notice it until after reading your message and looking). I wish I new about it during the busy tax season as I see it’s a huge timesaver!

You can see it here in the Client toolbar menu options at the top of the screen

It’s also in the File menu options

@Cameron Uhhh - what can I say - I hunted last night - couldn’t find it - I have never gone to file to print so I don’t know if it was there or not - but I was sure it had disappeared from the client tab - but it is there now. That is all that matters! Thanks for responding.

I have always shown the Print Family and Transmit Family icons on the Quick Access ribbon.

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