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Print Settings

I am working on setting up print settings and im slightly annoyed that they keep changing on me without any notice. I have a 1st print, 2nd print and an e-delivery option. I have noticed that i will go into one of them and where i set it to print its now default and visa versa? I am very confused on why it changes it now every day i have to go in and change everything back which i dont have time to do. I was also wondering about copying the files into prior years. The print option has a drop down saying copy to 2017, 2016 and so on and so i copied all the forms and setting but when i go to check they are not copied am i using this function wrong? Is anyone else noticing this problem? HELP!!!

I’m not sure which Module you are specifically referring to, but I had print configuration issues last week when I was setting up forms to print in the T3 Module. This was under Options–>T3–Print–2018. It seems, once I created my custom configuration, as well as name the print sets, the configuration would not save the settings if I hit “Apply” then “OK” to leave that screen. I found that I needed to hit “OK” without hitting the “Apply” button in order for TaxCycle to save my print settings.

Perhaps you can try that.

This happened to me a few years back, so I remembered how to work around it.

I will give that a try for sure, thank you! i find that is a problem as well as cloning. They say to use the clone button or copy to get the same settings into prior years and i don’t find that it works. The other problem i have is in the top corner of the options box on the left it will ask you to load a print folder, our company has three different ones. I will be in one and then to e-file i have to hop into another print setting and once i do that i find it overrides the settings. do you ever have that issue?

Why would you have to change print settings in order to e-file? The e-file data is not based on your print settings. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In our company we have three different profiles and only one has the e-file password. We don’t want everyone in the company having access to e-filing as that leaves room for error.

Oh, ok. You’re using different “Options Profiles” to save different print settings.
So, when you want to copy print settings from one year to another, are you first going into Options, then clicking “Make changes to the Options Profile: xxxxxxxx”?
Otherwise, whatever print settings you change won’t be saved to the Profile.
(sorry if I’m stating the obvious)

no no don’t be sorry i love all and any feedback! Yes i made sure to be in the correct profile but the only thing that seemed to make the changes stick was to just hit ok instead of hitting apply and then ok. It seems odd to me that the apply button doesn’t work? Either way i finally was able to get it to work so I can now move on to other things!

What I meant was that it is possible to exclude print settings from an Options Profile, and if you are able to change print settings without having to first unlock the profile (by clicking the “Make changes…” link), then print settings wouldn’t be saved in the profile.
But, since you found a solution, that must not have been the problem. Sounds like a problem in the “Apply” function. I haven’t experienced that myself.
Glad you found a solution!

I believe my issue is with the apply button now that i have stopped using it all my settings work great! thank you so much for all the information and help you were great. Thank you again. :slight_smile:

Thanks for tip re letter. This is my T1 2018 will be my third season with TaxCycle. While I love the letters functionality I am still very much at the painful end of custom templates. Thank goodness for Alyssa in customer support, Elizabeth in training and development, the excellent video series of last year, and the generous and active participation of this community.


Is there a way to change font type and size globally for letter templates?

Where can I set the font type and size for all letters globally?

How does this interact with my MS Word default settings?

How does this interact with the snippets and variable field values?

I have unexpected problems of font type and size in my custom letters after each modification and sometime after app updates.

E.g. Dear John,
John reverts back to old default.

E.g. Page # / # of pages
Values revert when moved off company footer to second line footer.

I did not take enough notes so now I am lost in how I created the issue and what I did to solve.