T1 personal tax payments - CRA account re-allocation

In the new and improved CRA personal Represent a Client web site is there still a process to transfer mis-allocated personal tax payments, I have a client who’s 2020 T1 balance payment has been applied against the T1 2021 instalment account.

I spent about an hour on the CRA support line reviewing issue with a support person who was trying to help but could not find a process to allow the payment transfer. He was finally able to talk with his supervisor who said in the upgrade they discontinued the payment transfer option.

Has anyone had any better experience or have any work around? My support person submitted a payment transfer request but was not sure how long it might take to process.

I actually got someone at CRA that knew what they were doing yesterday for a client who has the same issue and within about 10 minutes everything was straightened out. I just wish CRA would let the Representative just go online and deal with this as it would save everyone a whole lot of time. The support person I spoke with asked why I didn’t just go through Rep a Client and then realized that I couldn’t.

How do you visit the “new and improved” RAC site? It looks the same as it did during tax time and for the past 2 years…

I wish I could find the one that still looks like it did two years ago. I just go to RAC and it is not the same as it was. I find it harder to navigate and sometimes look and look for what should be familiar menu options.

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I like it and can find most everything

There is not a way to transfer and likely won’t be…for the same reason reps can’t change addresses or bank account info for DD. CRA is terrified of misuse. Usually a phone call to GenEnquiries and a wait and an email from them “asking for a transfer” works.

Frankly, I don’t know how anyone can misuse the transfer ability to steal info or money…makes no sense to me as we can do transfers on the T2 side rather easily.

Seems to me it would be rather simple for CRA to offer to those who:
(1) have more than a given number of RAC clients (let’s say “20” as a number) to eliminate those who only rep a parent or two, or other family member(s).
(2) are also registered Efilers with a current, active number
(3) have Level 2 authority for the client
(4) have enabled TRUE MFA (not Sim-based) using a hardware token, assuming CRA can implement same (FIDO/2 preferably)

Doesn’t this largely get rid of the fraudsters and make life less costly for CRA and easier for all of us?

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@SmallBizGuy This would make far too much sense, since you’re 100% correct - how could you steal client funds by doing a transfer? I honestly believe that CRA employees use a “make work” philosophy when it comes to personal tax accounts.

Since all online transactions are hard traced by CRA already, I don’t see the need for #4 if all of 1-3 are met.