Rep A Client - Tsf T1 instalment?

I have a T1 client who made a 2018 tax payment. CRA treated this payment as a 2019 instalment, and have allocated it as such.

I want to transfer this payment from the 2018 period to the 2019 period through Rep A Client. I’ve done this many times for corporate clients without issue via Represent a Client. And I believe that this is (or used to be at least) an option for T1 clients as well, but I can’t seem to find where to do this on CRA’s T1 “Represent a Client” setup.

Is it still possible to transfer T1 payments online, as opposed to having to call in?

Nope, not even on ‘My account’

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I’ve done it easily for corp clients but always have to call in for T1s.

Heather Haddon, CFP, CHS, CFDS
Haddon Financial

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Wonderful. I’d love to hear CRA’s logic on that one…

Great question!

It appears from the workflow that the current answer is no. This is curious. I do know that I have submitted documents in the past with no clear submission spot and I had them accepted. This option appears to have been removed. How disappointing in general.

In this case of misapplied payments, this is a very frequent error and should be added.

In the case of non-specified issues, I would really like to see a way to add frequently requested non-specified requests. Faxes are no longer welcome or reliable. Mail to CRA is unreliable and untrackable. I have even had Registered Mail items go missing for weeks until a TC manager finally tracked it down. I can only guess that the burden of routing the non-specified requests in the online workflow had been overwhelming and was eliminated and put back into the call center workflow. It may have been a bottleneck and response time issue. Of course, I am just guessing. Overall this is very disappointing especially given the very long wait times and lack of tracking or proof of request with the call center.

From the current Rep A Client screen this the workflow…

Rep a Client
No ref#
None of the above

Then you arrive at this message…
Only certain documents can be submitted through this online service. If the action that you want to take is not reflected on the previous screens, mail the documents to your tax centre.

Pasted from

The logic is that CRA feels that T1 client money is more susceptible to malfeasance than corporate money. That’s it – that’s all.

That is why you can’t make address changes or DD app/changes.

Kinda stupid for those of us who are vetted Efilers and AuthReps at the same time. What do they want?

(For those who are just AuthReps I can understand “some” logic…no indication of professionalism etc…)

I still remember being able to make the address changes for clients.

Unfortunately, some years back an H & R Block in the Maritimes changed client addresses to their office address and then made fraudulent claims to get additional refunds [for cash back clients] totaling more than $700,000. Thanks to their scam, address changes can only be made by tax preparers when the return is filed.

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