T1 form MB479 older than 3 years warning

Claim the personal tax credit? This credit cannot be claimed if filing a return older than 3 years. Is there any way that a warning can come up when preparing a return that is older than 3 years, that this credit is no longer available to claim. It can be a difference of $700 or more. If this is not caught before trying to e-file, we get a message when e-filing that the file was rejected as we cannot claim the credit. We then have to get a new T183 signed.
Thanks in advance for the consideration.

Good point, @rosanna. I agree with the warning messages.

I e-filed a 2017 return a few weeks ago where I did a manual over-ride of Line 85 (Total of the MB Credits) to $0.00 on the MB479 form before e-filing the return, but the CRA error message on e-filing was generated because I didn’t override the numbers on the top of the form, specifically Line 17 = the Black Line 6105 Total Credits = $195.00 which is sent to CRA in the e-file process. So once I did the override on Line 7 (Basic Credit) to $0.00, then the return was successfully received. It seems like Line Numbers highlighted in Black (which are values sent to CRA in e-file) need to be set to $0.00

I considered suggesting that all values be automatically set to $0.00, however, I don’t like this option. I like to know how much the client could have received as a refund had the return been filed on time, using this info to help the client make better time management decisions to file their returns on time. So the warning message is preferred.

I would like the warning “it is past the filing date to claim this credit” on the question line “Claim personal tax credits?”
Once you change the answer from yes to NO, you don’t have to override any lines.
I agree this should auto populate to Yes but give me a warning if is too late to file.
I also agree I like to be able to toggle yes to no to see the impact due to the late filing.
With all that we deal with I sometimes miss this credit when assisting with late filing and I dislike calling the client to get another T183 signed.

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I will get a message added for an upcoming release.

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