T1 - EI Line 31200

We’re trying to file a 2019 T1 for a client. She is not eligible to claim the EI overpayment for the year since the return is filed more than 3 years after the end of the tax year.

The issue is that the EI amount she paid is not showing on lines 31200 or 50280 which is preventing me from filing. We’ve removed the overpayment amount from line 45000 (via form T2204). If we override the lines to include the EI paid, I continue to receive the error below:

“Your client is no longer entitled to claim the employment insurance (EI) overpayment because this return is filed more than three years after the end of the tax year. Please enter the calculated amount of EI premiums on lines 31200/50280 and remove the overpayment from line 45000.”

We’ve entered the EI amount on both lines 31200 and 50280, and we’re still unable to file.

Has anyone else encountered this and how did you fix this issue?

Unclear if I understand “which number you are using”.

To be clear… cannot deduct the full amount of EI Premium that was withheld from taxpayer paycheques.

You must report the amount of EI Premium that should have been deducted and the EI Overpayment field is overridden to be NIL.

If you are still having issues… it could be an issue with the version of TP that you are using. I just tested it with my method and a simple checkmark to sign off this review message and it suggested and it showed I was eligible to Efile.

Rachel Parlee

Go to the T2204 schedule and add a check mark in the box beside the line to not claim the EI overpayment…

There should be no need to override anything else on the return.

If that doesn’t work, probably best to contact TaxCycle and they should be able to fix it.

I did not realize that option existed… thanks… I will keep that in mind for the future.

I had this issue with a CPP overpayment. E-file help desk told me to override the amount (in this case CPP) on the T4 slip so that there was no calculated overpayment. In your case you would change the T4 slips EI so there is no overpayment to be refunded.

i didn’t know that existed either. i guess it only displays when a return is 3 years or more old

When a return is being prepared more than three years after the end of the tax year, such that an EI overpayment will not be refunded by CRA, a review message appears on line 45000 of the T1 as well as on the T2204 and it has a QuickFix that, when you click on it, checks the box on the T2204 and causes the calculations to remove the overpayment and set the return up so it will be accepted through EFILE.

The same goes for CPP overpayments after 4 years.

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