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T1 deceased / AuthRep / Error Codes in TC

Not too sure what’s happening here. Client is deceased, AuthRep re-filed, rejected on filing, eventually authorized. I’ve changed the status on the AuthRep form to “Valid auth on file”. Confirmed via AFR/RAC.

Notwithstanding that, the form does NOT show the business name/BN and the message bar shows “There are no messages that require attention.”

The Review panel disagrees - the top items is “Outstanding questions: Show All messages that require attention”. Clicking on this reverts to “There are no messages that require attention”. And the Review tab has a ? on it.

The AuthRep panel, for its part, shows the transmission as successful, but notes that “CRA is awaiting certain documents” still…although, as above, it should recognize it as Valid.

You say its valid via RAC, and you can log in to that client just fine with RAC?

However, did you have RAC access BEFORE the client died?
If so, that access would likely continue.

However, after death, CRA would need to manually get to the Will, Death Certificate first before their re-authorization, would they not?

As of some time fairly recently, the authorization does not automatically expire on death of the individual.

Unfortunately, in this case, the individual passed on Feb 24…right about the time CRA screwed up the “continued access” feature. It was, in fact, discontinued (notwithstanding numerous convos with the good folks in the Auth Dep’t there after the fact) due to some programming glitch - now fixed.

No, I had to go back and do it “the old way”…send in Will etc and wait for a re-auth. Which they finally processed. No problem after 6 months…

But TC fails to “see” it properly is what I’m thinking, but have no idea why. Also, all items needing attention have been checked off.

Have uploaded a couple of screenshots. It’s like the whole file has “issues”…

pic 1

Don, that message in red text has been downloaded into TC from CRA - it’s CRA saying, “We got your Auth, but we won’t give you access until we get something else, and we’re not going to tell you what that is.” So, it’s not a TC issue at all. As far as TC knows, everything is done, and looks good.

I have the same issue with one deceased client myself. The executrix (his sister) sent in the will and death certificate shortly after he died (almost a year ago), and as of 2 months ago I still didn’t have access. I sent another copy myself, and still today have no RAC access. But, I was able to e-file the terminal T1 w/o problem.

I do have access to the client account on RAC. I’ve downloaded AFR. I can browse it in RAC.

TC isn’t seeing it properly. There is a disconnect between TC and CRA statuses.

I believe Nezzer’s explanation to make sense. I have a number of files that have that message after CRA has processed the AuthRep.

They seem to be back now to about a month turn around now when starting from scratch with Will and death certificate.

@arliss Do you actually have RAC/AFR access on those files with that message?

Yes, once the documentation (will & death certificate) are processed by the CRA.

As Nezzer mentioned that message is received from CRA on submission of the AuthRep if the legal rep info has not previously been updated by the CRA.

That message does not change after the documents are processed and there is no need to be concerned about it.

@arliss OK - Thanks…it’s the lack of change in status after processing that doesn’t make sense to me, but if that’s “normal”…well, not much I can do about it!! Mostly it just made me wonder.