AuthRep by Executor

Re: final return for deceased individual. My access to the latter’s CRA account is still active.
The deceased’s probated Will and Death Certificate were sent by executor to CRA as well as myself.
The relevant AuthRep form is signed by the executor and in my files.
Would anybody have an idea on the timeframe for CRA to process the new AuthRep, transmitted with final return and regain access. (assuming I’m locked out) .

I am still waiting for access with documents sumbitted March 4th. March 6th and March 9th for 3 different sets of Clients. Calling the CRA today I was informed it is taking 20+ business days to process.

You mean they actually answered the phone ???

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It’s been odd. I am in South Eastern Ontario, and it is hard to get into the cue (5-6 calls in a row, don’t waste time punching in a client SIN) but the last 5 calls I made, once I got into a cue, it was ‘an esitmated wait time of 15-20 minutes’. I think they are just keeping the cues small in this region…