T1 Agristability

Having trouble finding the supplementary form for agristability on T1 return (Saskatchewan), on the T2 you can find it by searching agri …. What am I missing?. First year with tax cycle after using profile for many years

Search AGR-1

Nope, that brings you to Agriinvest withdrawals, i am looking for the supplementary forms for Agristability.

Sorry I miss read
T1273 is statement A, scroll to bottom for production info and accrual adjustments

Still not seeing it T1163 is the statement A in Saskatchewan and I don’t have an option for the T1273 harmonized.

Ok, lol. Missed Sask part as well. I did on once few years back. I had to download forms and submit directly to Sask agstab authority. Might have changed…

Thats what I ended up doing but not the best solution, not sure why we cant have the option for a T1273 so that I can at least complete the Agristability and fax it in like we did with profile, if they can make it work for T2’s they should be able to make it work for T1’s

Saskatchewan residents use form T1163, which is available in TaxCycle. T1273 only appears for applicable provinces.
See the T1163 guide for more information:

Yes I understand that Darlene, but Profile allowed me to use the T1273 to complete the Agristability form which I faxed into Agristability. The T1273 also populated the info from the T1163 and the grain and cattle codes which I must do manually, all I am asking for is the ability to have the T1273 form so that I can complete the supplementary and fax to Agristability, the T1163 is only efiled to CRA not the T1273. Entering everything manually on a third party system is time consuming and is unnecessary.

Would you need us to add this forms for farms in Saskatchewan?

It could be done if there is a need… This is the first time I have heard of it but doing a search on the SCIC website through all the forms they provide, I found this one.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could add that form so that we can complete the Agristability form in Saskatchewan without using third party software. Profile had allowed us to use the T1273 which is essentially the same for which we faxed to Agristability.