Corporate T2 - Agr#1 form

I must be blind but I can not see the Agr#1 form, is there a different name for it now? I remember it was on the release schedule month’s back and it is not there now.

Jim Burch

In my Forms list under Filing and Authorizations I have AGRI and AGRIInv.
I came here with a question though, which I will add to yours, and hope someone sees it. Are the AGRI and AGRIInv forms sent with the rest of the T2 in the electronic file, or do we have to submit them separately to Agristability? I know the T1 1163 is sent by CRA to Agristability. I would guess that the AGRI form in the TaxCycle T2 would go to CRA in the electronic file, and then CRA sends it to Agristability, just as they do with the T1-1163. Otherwise why would it be in the program? Okay maybe I just answered my own question, but does anyone have confirmation or denial of this? Thanks. I did read the documentation page on it: . I guess the reason I want to know is that if I have to send the forms to Agristability myself, then I would go ahead and send in the T2 and finish the AGRI later.

@lucyjj2 ,

I confirm that Agristability in T2 must be paper filed. I know it is rather strange how different it’s handled in T2 than T1.
If you have any other question, please let me know.



You probably already figured it out by now.

As Lucyjj2 has pointed out the keyword for Agristability is “Agri”. When you select a province of jurisdiction in Info, we will automatically set the province of main farmstead to be the same. If the province of main farmstead is different from the province of jurisdiction, you can change it in Info (under the “Business Activity” section). Look for the last field on the right side of that section.