T1 ADJ - Automatic Update

Hi everybody,

There is a function that will be nice to have on Taxcycle T1.

On form T1-ADJ, if we can have a checkbox or button that puts the return in (Adjusted mode) so every change that we made afterwards reports automatically to the T1-ADJ.

That will be a real time saver.

What do you guys think?


Nope work great the way it is now

And how it works now?

Other than simply putting the information manually?

Thanks for your input!

Try this.


Thanks arliss savendano that will help you understand how the t1-adj automatic works

Thank you very much, appreciated!


We’re always open to suggestions.

As mentioned, you can build the T1-ADJ with a single click now… We could add a button to the form to automatically update the T1-ADJ when you change the return, but that would require two or more clicks… one to open the T1-ADJ and then one to tick the box.

Try it out the way we’ve got it and let me know if you still think it would save you time.


~ Cameron