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T1 Change Request - T1 Adjustment Form

The current version of the T1 Adjustment Request Form uses a drop-down which currently provides only four options:

  1. none
  2. mailed to CRA
  3. sent through ReFile
  4. entered on Represent a Client

I request that you add the following options to the dropdown.

  1. created by CRA

Ideally there would be an expandable notes field below the drop-down area to note things such as

  • mailed by client
  • faxed by accountant
  • mailed by accountant via registered mail
  • created by CRA through T1 matching
  • created by CRA via post assessment review

For the time being I am using an attached memo.

If CRA already adjusted the taxpayer’s return, why would you need a T1-ADJ? If you want to keep track of the changes made by CRA, you can just enter those changes in the appropriate spots of the T1, and take another snapshot; and you can name the snapshot “created by CRA”, if you like.

Not so much that you want to adjust the return as put the change in so it will roll forward and then flag it as CRA initiated so you know what happened if you go back to look at it later. Or if this shows up in client manager - so that you can see it there as CRA initiated when listing all adjustments for the year for example. I can see how that would be handy.

Is your comment directed to me or Dominique?
It seems you agree with me, but I’m not sure if you are suggesting that snapshots show up in the Client Manager, similar to the how the Client Manager shows ReFILE and T1ADJ dates?

Sorry - mostly you Nezzer. I don’t know if the snapshots show up on client manager as I don’t use it but I would think that it might show how the adjustments were sent as an option. I thought you were asking why you would want to put in a T1adjust when the CRA had already done so. I do this when I see that the CRA adjusts something before the next tax season.

Ok, thanks for clarifying. But, I still can’t see a reason to create a T1-ADJ…unless you are entering the T1-ADJ lines manually? I mean, typically you would enter the changes in the T1 itself (i.e. on a T4 or a T2125, etc), and then have TaxCycle create the T1-ADJ based on what changed from the “as filed” snapshot.

But, if you don’t need to file the T1-ADJ, why create it? The changes are already saved in the T1, from which TaxCycle will carry forward. When I find that CRA has re-assessed a return, I (too) enter the changes in TaxCycle, so that I have correct numbers to carry forward. But, if the tax return has already been changed by CRA, I don’t create a T1-ADJ.