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TaxCycle Learning Curve

Hi, folks …

I took the plunge and purchased a license to TaxCycle T1. I’m very impressed by all the bells and whistles. I’ve watched the 6 hr On-Demand Pre-Season Training 2019 video which was a great help in showcasing all the great features of this product, and I’ve watched a couple of other tutorials.

There are several quarks different from Profile that I’ve wrestled with, but I’m slowly learning the program. Here’s the one major frustration I have at present.

How do you update a T1-Adj after you accidentally dismiss the black bulletin popup bar prompt notification (ie: click the check-mark on the black bulletin bar or pushed the Dismiss button not realizing that it causes the bar to disappear). I’m used to using the mouse right click button in Profile that allows you to update from the snapshot, but this option doesn’t appear in TaxCycle. If you make a change to the return after dismissing this popup bar, I see no way to further update the T1-Adj with the new changes. I also can’t find a way to restore the popup bar once it disappears. What am I missing? With all the modifications this program has made over Profile, removing the right-click snapshot option seems a step backwards.



The bulletin that appears at the top of the form is really just a special type of review message, so you’ll still see it in your review messages sidebar…

Thank you, @Cameron
I’m guessing you did a tweak on your end this morning, because today everything was working perfectly. I have the program settings set to save by date, so each day TaxCycle created a new file when I press save. I realized this can act as a good daily backup so maintained this setting. So this morning after reading your message, I went back into those earlier file versions where the bulletin bar was dismissed and no longer opening (I couldn’t update the T1-Adj from the review sidebar either), well, today that bar was back in all those old versions and the review sidebar worked too.

Much appreciated. Thank you.


“Cameron Peters” or “Cameron the Magnificent”. :grinning:

Hi, everyone …

@Elizabeth (I’ll flag you since this deals with templates) …

I experienced my second huge learning curve with TaxCycle last week - learning how to debug the invoice template and understand Mustache template code.

The problem: I was annoyed that the Client Invoice (CInvoice) was not adding a subtotal after the Discounts, going directly into applying the Tax. If you add Disbursements, then the subtotal would appear for Discounts, but again, no subtotal after the Disbursements, going again directly to applying the tax. I would have expected TaxCycle to have gotten that right, unless no one noticed and it was just one of my own idiosyncrasies.

Anyway, I put my Computer Science degree skills to work and after a bit of a learning curve understanding Mustache, I corrected the template.

I made three changes. The main thing I found was that TaxCycle wanted to place the subtotals for one section (ie: discounts section) into the program code for the NEXT section (ie: Disbursements section)

First Correction:
{{/ CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.Discount }}

Subtotal ${{ format(CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.TotalBeforeDisbursements, “C”) }}

{{# CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.TotalDisbursements }}

Moved it BEFORE the {{# … TotalDisbursements}} section instead of after it

Second Correction:
{{! Disbursements Section template}}{{# CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Disbursements }}

{{ Description }} {{# Amount }}${{ format(Amount, “C”) }}{{/ Amount }}

{{/ CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Disbursements }}{{< disbursements}}{{/ disbursements }}{{# . }} {{> disbursements }} {{/ . }}

Moved the {{<disbursements}} from where it was above the {{ Description }} table after the {{! Disbursements Section template}} comment to below the {{Description}} table, as the Disbursements weren’t displaying properly otherwise.

Third Correction
{{/ CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.ShowDetails}}

Total Disbursements ${{ format(CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.TotalDisbursements, “C”) }}
Subtotal ${{ format(CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.TotalBeforeTaxes, “C”) }}

{{/ CurrentClient.BillingWorksheet.Totals.TotalDisbursements }}

Moved this Subtotal Table Row UP from being in the GST table section to this location in the Disbursements section. This allows the Disbursement subtotal to be shown as part of the disbursements. Otherwise, when placed AFTER the {{/ … TotalDisbursements}} termination section, the Disbursements wouldn’t subtotal.

Much happier with the Invoice now, but was surprised that I had a repair job to do within my first two weeks of licensing the software! A great way to get my feet wet though, LOL.
I did add my own unique comments onto the Invoice as well, but omitted those for this upload.

T1TY2019.CInvoice.taxcycletemplate (18.6 KB)

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Thanks @kozakworld I’ll take a look.

I think @kozakworld has hit the same issue that many people have experienced. You need to have some coding chops to be able to modify the templates. I have found the invoicing template especially frustrating to personalize.

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I just realized this morning, @Elizabeth, that the version I submitted has one other change that I forgot to restore to your original default. I left justified the client name area within the table, as I personally prefer it left justified vs the current placement farther towards the center of the page - just think it looks better, but that’s my opinion. So if you use my ideas with the subtotals, you may want to restore that name section back to default so it doesn’t frustrate others with the change.


@kozakworld and @kevin I’ve looked at our current T1 invoice template and also asked another member of our team look at it too, but I can’t reproduce the issue you are describing. I appreciate the template you sent, Gerry, but we need to make the change in our source, so I need to see the issue in action to be able to fix it. Is there something we’re missing about the client file and the Billing worksheet to it occur?

Elizabeth I don’t see where we need to touch the T1 invoice template it has worked fine for me for the last few years. Grant it I do a small amount of clients, 4500 t1 clients


Hi, Elizabeth …

I reverted back to the original template to create a very simply example showing a T1 invoiced at $100.00 with a 10% Discount Plus PST.

It took me a few minutes of playing, but I found the issue why you couldn’t reproduce my scenario. As long as I charged GST, the default template worked perfectly, properly subtotaling the discount line, or disbursement line, etc. No issues. I bet in your testing yesterday, you were charging GST.

My issue is that I’m a small Home Based business (mostly seasonal) and don’t make $30K per year, so I don’t charge GST. However, I do charge PST.

In the OPTIONS dialogue under Invoicing, there is NO option to only charge PST and NOT charge GST except by going under the PST section to SPECIFY RATE, and then set GST = $0.00.

And now you will be able to reproduce my issue. When GST = $0.00, the subtotals suddenly play tricks and disappear. Since most firms charge GST, they wouldn’t replicate my problem. What’s more, PST can be set to $0.00 and only charge GST, or charge NO TAX at all, and the templates work perfectly with no issue. The problem only exists if GST is set to $0.00.

Here’s what I’m seeing using the default template and only charging PST (in Manitoba):

Just for fun, if I add some disbursements (stamps, packaging material), now the discount line receives a subtotal, but the disbursement line has no subtotal.

My template repair corrects this.

I’m sure this bit of problem solving is helpful, Elizabeth. So easy in programming to miss testing a file condition for accuracy.


Thanks I see now why it wasn’t working. Thank you.

I will adjust the invoice templates in 2019 and 2020 T1 and T2 to show the subtotal regardless of GST. Hopefully will appear in the next release.


Thanks, Elizabeth …

When you had mentioned that you couldn’t replicate my issue, I actually started writing suggesting you simply ignore my request since I had fixed it on my end and everyone else wasn’t noticing my issue. Moments before pushing the “Send” button, I thought I’d better take a second look. It’s good I did. Thanks for looking at it and posting a fix. I’m sure other users who don’t charge GST will appreciate the fix too. :slight_smile:

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