Re-file Return through TaxCycle

Could any member help me with this issue I have, I want to re-file a client’s return but the original return was not filed by me, so I dont have the initial return. Now when I want to file T1-adj I am not getting the adjustements as its taking all information as filed, do any of you know how can I re-file through tax cycle if was the return was previously already file by someone else and automatically create T1-adj in TaxCycle?

If I haven’t prepared the tax return that requires and adjustment, I just go into the CRA web site and select Change my Return. It is pretty easy to use and has prompts that are helpful.

In these situations, first you have to know of the original tax return was submitted electronically, either by e-file or by Netfile. You can’t Refile a return that was originally filed by paper return.

I recreate the return as best as possible based on the tax slips and other documents filed by the client. I then compare this with the Notice of Assessment from that original filed return to make sure all fields match. I don’t worry about truncating my entries to match CRA’S calculations; I just make sure that the ending balance is similar to what CRA calculated (not including interest, penalties, or previous amounts owing to CRA from other unpaid assessments).

I then create a SNAPSHOT in TaxCycle of this tax return as representing the original filed return (Tools => Snapshot). Once the Snapshot is created, you can then proceed to make any required changes to the return. TaxCycle should prompt you to save the amended file under a new name.

This summer, I was using Change my Return to adjust several years of return that all involved the same field (ie: Medical Expenses). Change My Return was finicky and I landed up filing these return by Paper instead.

The issue: Enter first year’s adjustment, no problem. Enter 2nd year’s adjustment and it wanted to enter the 1st year’s values instead of the 2nd year’s values. Enter the 3rd year’s adjustment and same thing, it wanted to use the 1st year’s values vs the 3rd year’s values. If I corrected the 3rd year’s values, then go back to review year 1 and year 2, those years would now show this 3rd year value. I closed out and tried again, doing this over several days, but the error was consistent each day I tried.

I also tried this on other fields, like adjusting Union Dues (Line 20800), or Tuitions (Line 32300), etc. As long as the same field was being used in the successive year’s adjustments, the field would be altered so that this field would be a consistent value on each year vs each year being allowed to have it’s own unique value.

Ridiculous. I was not prepared to file one year at a time, waiting the required time before it was processed before proceeding to file the next year, thus proceeded to file by paper and submitted a bug report. Haven’t checked back to see if this error has been repaired.

Thanks Kozak, I will try to do it through Snapshot process. I have to add additional T2125 and when I tried to do it through CRA change my return option, it didnt give me option to add t2125 thats why I though TaxCycle should have way of doing it,

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Hi, A day late on the answer:

I usually access thru Rep a client the details of the tax return… as opposed to only the NOA. I enter as much as I can in detail and override what I need to ensure the end result of Fed and Prov tax owing is correct.

After ascertaining my client filed by Efile or Netfile, I change the file status thru File Info.

File Info, Under Transmission and enter a Confirmation Number for Efile… 123546

Learnt this thru a webinar way back !

Then Save file…

After which the system will allow Refile. All data is then saved in your system. Make sure to get client to sign the T183 for Refile.

Hope you have an amazing day.

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Thanks for the added clarity, @rachelavryl. Like you, I also always review the Assessment Details and recreate the return to match this Detailed Assessment. In my rush to submit my reply, I forgot to add this important detail.

In returns that I recreate that someone else previously Netfiled, to better differentiate it from work that I personally submitted, I’ll often go to the very bottom of the Info Tab to the Filing section and change the Purpose field to Planning instead of Filing. This places a Red “Proforma - For planning purposes” image over each page of the T1 Return, thus flagging to me that it has been previously filed by someone else.

Would be nice if there was a workflow item that could be selected in that scenario that reflected that. Also then a differentiating status icon in the client manager.

You can also add a custom name (IE As filed by other preparer/client) and add a note when creating a snapshot of the return.

If you want a step-by-step you can find the help topic for ReFile here :