Spousal Amount is not getting applied

I am doing a tax return for a client. The wife has no income but somehow husband is not getting spousal amount. I don’t know why the software is behaving like that. When I put wife’s income as $1, the spousal amount is showing up. Looks like there is a bug in the software.

There is a section near the bottom of the Info Screen called “Filing”. One of the questions on that screen asks “Is Spouse’s net income zero?” Has “yes” been selected there?

I think it acts like a bit of a safeguard… whereby the software doesn’t automatically presume the spouse’s income is zero just because you haven’t entered any information for the spouse.

I think TaxCycle has a “diagnostic warning” on that question, prompting the user to answer that question if the program doesn’t receive any spousal income information. It shows up in the review section.

May not be your issue, but it would be the first place that I would look.
The software works correctly for me in cases with no spousal income.

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It worked. Thanks a lot.