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Spousal Amount in Year of Separation

Client and wife separated in Dec '19. Wife had no income all year. Client should be able to claim the spousal on 30300 but the program doesn’t appear to allow it. I went to S2 but I can’t enter the wife’s NRTC’s. Is there some way of entering this on the T1?

I have issues sometimes with that as well.

Try having the status as married and checking off spouse’s income as zero.

Then change to separated.

Might have to play with it a few times to get it to stick.

“Client should be able to claim the spousal on 30300”
But not allowed if he intends to claim a deduction for support payments he is making to his zero-income ex-spouse…

You’re right, Joe, but there have been no support payments. I went over this with the client and he wants to claim the spousal credit.

Hi Kevin, you need to enter spousal information in spouse section and check YES for the question “Was spouse’s net income Zero?”, then your client will be able to claim the full spousal amount. In martial status section, Taxcycle will pop up review message and ask you to remove spouse information due to no married or common law status, just override it. Hope can help you.

David Li

Or other way is enter spousal amount directly in line 30300 of S1 and provincial form as well. Override taxcycle if message come out. Please remember to enter spousal amount in Provincial form as well otherwise you will receive Efile error message.

David Li

Thanks to all. Arliss’ solution worked.

You didn’t mention if there are children, but if there is, you claim the child as a spouse instead.No overrides or fiddling the system to make it work.

Yes, there are children but the older, non-qualifying type.