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When a client’s income is zero, why tax cycle asking me to say yes on both client and spouse returns, When I select yes on client’s return for zero income, it should automatically select yes for client’s zero income on his/her spouse’s info page in the filing area. It’s nice if we can get this fix.

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I actually disagree with that. What if the spouse’s income is not zero and get distracted and forget to fix? Software is great but we cannot exchange automation for knowledge. Marking somebody’s income as zero is a decision that needs to be made by the practitioner and can’t necessarily be deduced from other entries. Software calculates, it doesn’t reason.

I think they are saying that you should have to check it off once (on the taxpayer with zero income) not twice (once on the taxpayer with zero income and once on their spouse). Duplicate review messages are a waste of time.

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I am saying same, why need to answer same question twice. for example we have husband “A” and wife “B” when on the info page on A’s return we say yes to the question, is B’s net income is zero, then why we need to answer the same question on B’s return that B’s net income is zero. this should automatically answered as A and B’s returned are coupled together. and after first answer on A’s return software release all the calculations with zero spousal income.