Other Payments Deduction on S2

Preparing a return for a Husband, but not preparing his Wife’s return.
I input her CPP and WSIB income on his Schedule 2 Worksheet.
I expected that since the Wife had WSIB income, that TaxCycle would automatically take the offsetting Other Payments Deduction at Line 250 for her?
However, I had to manually input the Line 250 amount on S2.
Since ProFile always factored in this deduction for the Spouse’s transfer amount, I almost missed this item in the TaxCycle file – would have caused the taxpayer to lose some entitled refund dollars!
Unless I’m missing something, I suggest that the Line250 entry should be populated automatically on the S2, when there is WSIB income.
Anyone else have comments?

I myself do not file just one side of a family if they don’t want to file together I do not take them as clients unless one is say in bankruptcy then I fill in the both returns and just file one.

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We’re looking at a way to help you catch this.

Because these values are used in optimizing deductions between spouses, and because the situation of preparing only one spouse is less common, we may just add a review message when the amount is missed or mismatched, along with a quickfix to update the value.

Thanks for the feedback.

~ Cameron

That would suffice – thanks Cameron!