Has TaxCycle slowed down...or is it just mine?

I am finding TC to be VERY slow lately in two circumstances:

  • loading the program for the first time in a day; there seems to be a long delay between selecting the TC icon and TC finding both news and either the Recovery/Recent files listing, checking the version and being ready for use

  • selecting “Quick Search” and then choosing a given item (eg T2 - 2021/2020/2019); this can seem quite endless

Generally, after running for the first time in a day, this does not seem to happen. This, despite the fact that the server (it’s on Azure) is always on, except for maintenance.

I don’t recall waiting for as long as I seem to now…anyone else?

Nope. Running windows 11 and the latest release of TC and it’s quick as can be,

@SmallBizGuy - coincidentally, we’ve made a couple targeted changes that may improve performance in the areas you mention. Can you please let us know how it works after the next release (coming within a week or so)?

If it’s still a problem, we’ll look at your logs, and possible your recent file list… if there are some files that are no longer available on the network, sometimes that slows things done.

Thanks @Cameron! I’ll keep and eye out and post updates. As far as I know all indexed files are on the network still (I never delete 'em, so no reason why they wouldn’t be!!).