Signature request

I tried to use the Tax Folder today and found some issues.

  1. When I send Engagement letter signature request for the new client (actually to my husband, just to test functionality), he was able to sign it from his smartphone without activating an account. He received only one letter with signature request. There was no letter to activate account.
  2. He got an access to account through Forgot My password option. But when he tried to log out from the dashboard, it didn’t work. It worked only from profile page.
  3. I have been waiting for one hour and the signed copy still not appeared.
  4. I resent document for signature. It has been signed again. But signed copy has never appeared.
    Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

Please forward the document ID number. To do this, in TaxFolder, go the client engagement and select View Original for the document. The ID is the URL at the top. Please copy this full link and forward to support at .