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Searching from start page

Could there be an option added to wait until ‘enter’ has been pressed prior to beginning the search when on the start page.

I must be a slow typer as the search often seems to start before I have finished typing. Then what I have started typing is cleared and the program starts searching on the last part of what I typed.


happens to me as well.

Ditto. It happens to me often enough I am surprised I hadn’t made this post.

Suggesting to make an option to either immediate search or to wait until the enter key is pressed.

I do not have an issue with the immediate search. My problem is that the search bar is cleared during the search. I will start typing my search and what I have typed is cleared and it starts searching on the remainder of what I typed.

It only does this for the first search which is annoying. to recreate, open a new instance of Taxcycle and type something. when you type it highlights the search and if you delay it will erase it


however, when you start typing again, it does not highlight.


I’ll add a new option not to start a search until Enter has been pressed.


From version 7.0.32431 there are two new options to control this behaviour. Under Options | TaxCycle | Client Manager, you can set:

  1. Require an Enter key press to start a search.
  2. Allow F3 to open Client Manager when a return is open.

The default values for both of these new options retain the current behaviour.