I need recommendations for a scanner. Which one do you prefer? I will be scanning to save in Doxcycle.

We use the Epson ES-400 II scanner and we love it. It works well even with variably-sized documents all mixed together. It works with Doxcycle as well.

There have been other discussions on scanners in this forum, like the discussion in December 2020 (this discussion can be moved to that thread).

I purchased my Brother Image Center ADS-2800W based on recommendations in that diacussion thread. Much like Jeremy’s Espon scanner, this brother is also a great choice in a scanner.

I’m happy with my Canon DR-C125. Much smaller desktop footprint.

we use the brother image center ADS-2800W by far the best

Are the Fujitsu ScanSnap’s no longer a thing?
I’ve had mine for so long I’ve lost touch with the latest scanner technology.


Fujitsu Scansnap all the way. I’ve got two of them - one in each location and they are rocks. The new ones are even faster. Mine are old S1500s, one of which I got new, the other used for $50. Hard to beat that price!!

Small, fast, accurate.

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I believe firmly in Brother products.
My first printer lasted about 15 years.
The MFC printers have scanners that are perfect and the product comes with Brother utilities so you can set up scanning from your computer.
If you use Moustache replacement toners and drums, the cost is negligible.
I would not buy any printer/scanner other than Brother

Fujitsu fi-7160’s.

It’s always interesting to me how one’s personal experiences really determine a path in hardware purchases. In my case, along with the ScanSnap, it’s HP workgroup-level printers - rock solid, long-lasting, most moving parts are in the toner carts, networking is reliable (WiFi or ethernet), easy to set up and have proper admin controls. Have had terrible luck with all other brands and the cheapo HP lasers. So have stuck to separate printer from scanner, and have found a happy place. Never found MFCs to work well for me personally.

Everyone has a different path! Fascinating.

A couple of years ago had a Brother Image Centre but wasn’t satisfied with its image resolution so I changed to HP commercial laser. Very happy with its high end output, efficiency and ease of setting up the network.

I bought a Brother ADS-2800W a year ago on sale at Brother for $80 off regular price. Wish I’d have bought it earlier. I presently have 4 Brother MFC units: 2 - 8850’s, a 9340, and a 6945. The 6945 is about a year old, and with the size of the ink cartridges and internal tanks, it is by far the cheapest to operate. I use the 8850 for anything going to a client. The 6945 is 11x17, and I have had to use its scanner for that size before. I’ve had property deeds from the 1800’s written on 11x17 paper. And, the odd jpeg comes out readable if I print on the ledger size. And, I always use brother toner & ink. Returning a single toner cartridge is free, and Brother sends me a discount code for up to 4 cartridges at 30-40% off. Cheaper than Costco (who now don’t carry all the Brother cartridges). The MFC’s all do a decent job as a scanner using the supplied PaperPort software. But, the ADS-2800W is far superior. It has only one job to be good at, rather than 4. I leave the settings at colour, 200 dpi, letter size, and duplex ADF. Legal size original requires a setting change, otherwise it only scans the first 11 inches. It can scan a ton of paper in a very short time. For the price and features, nothing else comes close. If you get the paid version of Acrobat, you can work with pdf’s much easier.

I am using Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500, and it’s the best scanner I have had in the last 20 years. It’s a little expensive but speedy and reliable that you won’t feel the price. You can scan to your phone or PC wireless. When some scanners create a bigger file size, the iX500 file size is not too big. You can scan various kinds of documents. It’s a double-side scanner too.

I use a Brother MFC 9970CDW that i bought 10 years ago, it’s still going and i also have a Brother HL-L2380. I had HP’s before and am happy with the Brother products.

I’ve had an Epson 500W for a couple years. Reliable double-side scanner. I scan into DoxCycle for T1’s and it works well. I’m not as interested in the scanner as I am with the file management and annotation software. I primarily use a program called FileCenter (US software) to organize, annotate, and process PDF’s. It’s like Windows Explorer on steroids and has great PDF editing software built-in.

just a heads up canada computers is selling the brother image center is on sale

Thank you everyone who responded. I purchased the Scan Snap iX0600.


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