S63 - Return of Fuel Charge Proceeds to Farmers

Just completed a 2022 T2 and the form S63 to apply for the return of fuel charge proceeds to farmers is there and available to apply for the credit but opening a December 31st 2021 corporate return that has already been filed to amend it to include the S63 so that the farmer gets the refund but the form is not available on that return? How can I update taxcycle on that return so that the form opens up and I can amend it?

@w.hudy We added S63 in the last June release. If your T2 file has an extension that ends in .2021 (I think it does), you can change the extension to .2022.T2 and that will trigger a TaxCycle file conversion. When you re-open the file, you will see S63 and you can fill that out to amend the tax return.


Is anyone experiencing problems with the return of fuel charges on T1 return similar to last year?