2021 Farmer fuel credit not showing up on 5YearSummary

When preparing a 2021 T1 for a farmer who claimed the “Return of fuel charge proceeds to farmers tax credit” it was being lumped in with “Other refundable credits” on line 47556.

When we carry forward those files to prepare the 2022 returns, line 47556 has a zero balance on the 5YearSummary (and 5YearShort) for 2021. As a result the balance owing/refund amount is out by the difference of the credit.

The description for line 47556 did change from “Other refundable credits” in 2021 to “Fuel charge to farmers tax credit” for 2022 so I would guess that’s likely why it’s not carrying forward but I’m hoping it can be fixed in a future update.

Full disclosure, we’re currently using version 12.1.49356.0 so, I’m not sure if this issue has already been addressed.

This should be fixed in an upcoming release.