Running Taxcycle on a server

This was from my it guy:

When I opened up tax cycle it killed the server resources until the download completed for the update. The good news is the update is now installed and everything seems to be running normal.

Does anyone else run into issues with Taxcycle on a server?


I have been running Taxcycle on my server since the first release of the program and have never had an issue you have indicated. The only issue i have run into would be the client manager does not work all the time. Note to self to call Taxcycle about that someday

I initially installed TaxCycle on our server (running Windows Server Essentials 2012) to host the Client Manager server; however, the search response times were pretty slow if it hadn’t been accessed by the user recently. I think this was just due to our server being a little long in the tooth, but other than the delays it did work fine.

I have since setup the Client Manager server on my own PC, which has quite a lot of spare resources at any given time. The search response times were greatly improved throughout the office and it has been very reliable, so I might suggest considering a similar setup if your office is similar with <20 PCs. It’s running on a Win 10 PC with 12 gigs of ram, SSD HD, and a last generation i7.

Thanks for the suggestion; however, I would prefer to work out the kinks on the server instead. Just need to get around to talking to taxcycle about it.