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Update of Taxcycle on Server used for Client Manager purpose only

This is not really an issue, it is more of an annoyance for me at least.

When I used profile, I would install the program on the server to run the client explorer and leave it until the next year version came along and the I would instal it and the cycle would continue. Same thing with Sage 50 and Quickbooks with their connection manager programs they are a once in the year update

What I find annoying, is that Taxcycle always wants me to update my server version every time I update the client computers.

Now I am not sure why this annoys me. It could be that every other program I only need to do this once per year I really do not know. It does not take me very long to log onto my server with RDP and do the update; however, it just find that it annoys me. Not sure if there is any solution for this, but I figured I would bring it up. Is there is a programming solution for this? Even if I had to enter my server credentials to do the update (would be nice if Taxcycle could remember the user name).

The Client Manager server needs to open and read a tax return before it can index it. Ideally, it uses the same version of the tax content and calculations as the version of TaxCycle that last saved it. This is because:

  1. It ensures Client Manager uses the same set of calculations, review messages, workflow, transmission status etc.

  2. Occasionally we need to make minor changes to the file format that may prevent an older version of the tax content from reading the file.

We tried to make the auto-update process as smooth as possible. We know that accessing a server isn’t always ideal!