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High CPU use (90% +)

TaxCycle is running on Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter (virtualized at Google Compute Engine), Xeon CPU and 6.5 GB RAM.

From time to time - mostly recently and about the last two weeks - I seem to be running very high CPU usage from TaxCycle Services (NOT the TaxCycle client). I’ve been working with the Client Manager open in one window, and then opening client files in a separate window. Sometimes (like now) it behaves well, but every once in a while (like 5 min ago) it goes wild and my CPU pins at 99%. Sometimes this happens opening a file, but not always, but it does seem to degrade over time if I don’t close TC down for a number of hours.

Any thoughts about debugging this? (I am seeing some regular DCOM errors, but they don’t appear to be related.)

Not a gamebreaker - and especially not today - but it’s busy and a bit of an annoyance. (But then, so is tax…)


Hi Don,
This is just a side comment. I ran into similar issues with ProFile about 8 years ago. I replace my Server to Dual Quad Core. I increase RAM to 16GB. Since then I have increased it to 32GB.

Both helped a lot.

Since then I have had some Windows Update synch issues which are slowing down my systems. This started about two months ago. It was grinding my CPU’s to a halt with 90%+ utlization. I got Geeks On The Way to remote in and fix the systems. This summer I will wipe and reload. Eventually Windows systems get bogged down with artifacts and remnants which is best solved with a wipe and reload.

Since switching to Geeks on the Way onsite and remote support my systems have been working very well. They even set-up my Fujitsu ScanSnap bookkeeping scanning profiles.

When I need a time consuming wipe and reload of the OS of desktop PC’s, I use a local Alberta company with great service and fixed cost bench rates, Memory Express.

I have had great support from both organizations.

Geeks on the Way.

Memory Express

That is one of the great things about using a remote virtualized server. (I do my own management of systems, having been a sysadmin for way too long.) With the remote server, one can do a snapshot of the data drives, spin up a new machine, transfer the snapshots to the new machine and install necessary software in a matter of hours. No cleaning required. Add a couple of users back in and away we go again.

FWIW, I’ve known the guy who owns Memory Express since when he started (sometime a few decades ago…). Great company and will do or find whatever is necessary.