RP vs RZ WACs and Efiling

Is there any difference between uploading a T5 .xml after logging into CRA Internet FIle Transfer with the RP account and WAC vs. logging in with the RZ account and WAC?

I uploaded a T5 .xml for my client this morning using my firm’s RP account and WAC (by accident) and it was accepted. Furthermore, when I checked this afternoon through Represent a Client, it’s showing as “In progress” under the RZ account details:

Is there even a need to be swapping out the RP vs RZ account numbers/WACs?

If there is an important difference, why can’t TaxCycle let us put in RP and RZ account numbers/WACs in settings and then detect when we’re filing T4s vs T5s? TaxPrep was like this as well. It only took one account number and WAC in settings.

Lastly, uploading the slips is all that is required right? A colleague at another accounting company was trying to tell me we need to file the slips and then the summary is filed separately. I don’t believe that is the case but let me know if I’m wrong.



I confirmed the answer to my last question (about whether the T4/T5 Summaries need to be filed separately). They don’t.

Per the xml file specifications, the summary info I included in the xml file along with the slip info. I was 99% sure this was the case but was having trouble convincing my colleague.

Still curious about the two program account numbers /WACs. I’m assuming it doesn’t really matter given how my clients T5 still made it to the right place despite logging in with my RP account number/WAC.

I have not thought about it but can confirm I have just had my RP account number and WAC entered and have been using their software since they added the various slip modules.

Ditto @Arliss - I have my RZ number in TaxCycle, and all slips I file for my clients are done using that info:

Same as @Nezzer.