RP accounts for T4 vs T4A

I have always assumed you need separate RP accounts to file T4 vs T4A slips, but a client recently said they have submitted both to the same RP0001 account. Can anyone confirm this? Not sure if my client is mistaken or confused.

I do T4’s and T4A’s every year with the same RP 0001 account and have never had any problems.

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Ok, wow. Thanks @laurie for confirming!

Same number been filing for years with no issues

RP accounts for T4 and T4A.

You can choose to separate them as RP0001 and RP002 if you wish for CRA reporting purposes.

For proprietorships I always create multiple RP accounts if they are for different purposes and different businesses. ie
RP0001 = proprietorship 1
RP0002 = proprietorship 2
RP0003 = nanny or live-in caregiver payroll account


For bookkeeping purposes I would split them up.

The RZ accounts handle T5 and T5013 and more

I normally number the T5 as RZ0001 and the T5013 as RZ0002.


What if the “employer” only wants to report payments to sub contractors and does not have an employer number?

This must be a very small employer with small payments to sub-contractors if he does not need a business number. The employer might be well advised to obtain a business number.

Tell him to get one:

Thanks. I’ll tell him.