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Right click to carry forward

I see a number of suggestions for right click, but I didn’t see a suggestion for a right click item to carry forward a file. I wouldn’t use this much on T1s but it would be nice to have the option to right click a T2 file in the file explorer and be able to select Carry Forward.

This is already available:

For T1, right click options include “Carry Forward This Return” or “Carry Forward This Return and Plan.”

For T2, right click and select “Carry Forward This Return”

Interesting that it shows up for you. It is not appearing when I right click on the file. My only option is to open on both T1 and T2 files. What version of Windows are you using?

I’m on Windows 2007 on this computer. I open up the client file, then use right click.
However, it doesn’t work on a May 31/18 T2 year-end. TaxCycle is not approved for 2019 year ends yet.

I think you mentioned File Explorer, which is different.

So to be clear, you are right clicking within TaxCycle with the file open?

I am asking to be able to do those things from Windows File Explorer.

Yes, you’re right - it works within TaxCycle with the file open.
I noticed (too late) that your original question was about File Explorer.

When I right click from File Explorer, it looks more like a Windows menu (“Select,” “Open” “Open With…”, etc) than a TaxCyle menu.


I think that Cameron Peters or Taxcycle staff would know.

If you’re asking about changing Windows File Explorer, shouldn’t this be a question for Windows software?
I don’t know if Windows software can be changed that way, but as mentioned some computer geniuses would know.

It isn’t a matter of changing Windows File Explorer. It is a matter of adding the functionality to the extension. It is done all the time.

I think Matthew might be talking about adding Taxcycle functionality to the Context Menu Handler in Windows Explorer.

My Windows Explorer Context Menu includes various additional options for Eset NOD32 Antivirus, Edit With Notepad++, SnagIt, WinRar, Acronis True Image Backup, Scan with Malwarebytes, etc.

Some of these entries have multiple selections, which are installed into the Context Menu by the 3rd party software.

I think it is usually achieved through Registry Entries.

I fail to see the advantage. You have to wait for the program to open either way, so why not use the Client Manager you had them making all kinds of tweaks to in the beginning?

@dklassencga, everyone works a bit differently. You may not see an advantage, but it would be an advantage for the way I work and the feature wouldn’t cause any disruption to the way you work.

We have separate folders for each year of tax returns for a client. Often I am in the file explorer already, so I would be able create a folder, go to the prior year folder, right click Carry Forward with the carried forward file opening right away. If I am already in that location in File Explorer, it save me a few steps.

I know it’s possible to create your own “right click” function in Windows, for a specific program. I’ve done it before, but it’s been a few years, so I don’t remember exactly where to do it. But, beyond that, you would have to specify the “command line arguments” for that program (i.e. Tax Cycle) to do what you want it to. So, the question is whether Tax Cycle already has the ability to process a command line argument for “carry forward”, and if not, whether Cameron and the team want to add that functionality.

I will add to our customer suggestion list. Thanks for your suggestion.


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Watch for this in a release sometime in mid-November.

Thanks for the suggestion.

~ Cameron

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Thanks for adding the feature!