Saving ProFile documents as TaxCycle documents

How do you save ProFile-prepared returns so as to open them using TaxCycle.

You can only carry forward your ProFile files to TaxCycle (i.e. take a 2012 Profile file and carry it forward to a 2013 TaxCycle file).

We do not convert existing an existing ProFile file to a TaxCycle file of the same year. Your ProFile license will allow you to continue to review and change your old files. TaxCycle will help by indexing your ProFile files in the Client Manager, and you can open those files from inside TaxCycle, but ProFile will be launched to actually open the file.


I cannot carry forward my 2012 T1 to 2013.

No problems in the past.

What gives?

David S. Brown 604-935-5471

Can you send us the file?

If you opened or created the file with the latest ProFile version you will have to wait for the next release of TaxCycle to read the file.

Let us know… We will solve it one way or the other.

As I expected, the file in question was created with the most recent version of ProFile, and the file format as changed.

We’re updating our conversion tool next week. In the mean time, if anyone has any of these files that need to be converted urgently, send us a note and we’ll send some instructions and a download that will solve the problem immediately.

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These are the kinds of responses that make me feel good about using TaxCycle! I know from experience, that they are followed through.