Carry forward default tabs

I know we can “carry forward favourites”, and that is easy to find.
But, is there a way to carry forward the default tabs from a prior year? I thought I did this last year, but I can’t remember how. If this doesn’t exist (yet), would you consider adding this feature? I did a quick search here on ProTaxCommunity, and didn’t find an answer.

It is just under the favourites section in the options.

Curious if your favourites will carry forward to 2021 as mine create a Taxcycle error whenn I attempt to do so.

Yes, my favourites carried forward without error.
In Options, I can only VIEW my default tabs - can’t change them or carry forward. I just set them all up again, and saved them as default (in the 2021 T1 preview version).

All you have to do is open a blank 2021 and right click on the favorites bar and it will pop up carry forward from prior year just click ok and it brings it forward

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I never noticed the ability to do that with a right click.

I had always carried forward from the options section which is area that isn’t working for me.

Thanks for the tip.

if you have a network it will carry over to the other machines it saves itself glad i could help

Where do you see the “favorites bar”? I can’t find it?

here is the first screen shot is my favorite bar

and here is what you see if you right click on that area

the favourites bar is just below the main ribbon. Its parallel to the PRINICPAL/DEPENDENT section

Thank you to everyone for pointing out this area. I have been using TaxCyle since 2014 and never knew this. The upcoming tax season will be just a little easier because of it.

Glad this thread is helping others re: Favourites…LOL
(Still hoping Cameron or Elizabeth or Sarka or someone might respond re: my original question - Default Tabs)

Hi @Nezzer

Set up the tabs you want to set as default. Click on Circle just before star on the tab line and click save current tabs as default.


Thanks @mjeconsulting , but as I said, I have done that. I am asking if TaxCycle will provide a way to CARRY FORWARD those defaults.

Hi @Nezzer, when I done that the tabs carried forward for me. But as I look at the tabs again, I am thinking that maybe I recreated them in the preview version as well. Maybe @Cameron or @sarka will shed some light on this.

Currently the only way to set the default tabs is to open the applicable module and tax year, add the tabs you would like to set as default and then save as defaults by clicking the circle at the far right of the tabs

Or by using right click on any of the open tabs

You can view the default tabs in the module options but you cannot edit or carry these forward, as you have noted.

I can ask if we can add the ability to copy default tabs from the prior year in the module options. Would it also be helpful to be able to carry forward the tabs from the prior year for individual tax files?

Not a bad idea Sarka. TaxCycle is still cheaper, faster and has more support than any competitor.

Do you mean such that we could have a different set of default tabs for each client? No - I just have one set of tabs that I use for all T1 clients - similar to the “Carry forward favourites” function.

You can already carryforward the tabs from the options window if you right click in the sidebar, like this…

Does this help anyone?

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Yes! That must be how I did it last year - my memory isn’t as bad as I thought…lol.
Thanks, Cameron.
I guess that’s what @Arliss was trying to tell me in his/her first post - he/she just didn’t say how, and I didn’t think to right-click on the 2020 line.