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Carry forward T5s from Profile file

I am trying to carry forward all my T5s and NR4s from a previous year Profile file, but only 1 slips got carry over. How can I open, or carry forward a profile file? We have hundreds of these slips! I am on a trial license right now.



TaxCycle should carryforward all the T5 slips. We’ve just tested a few files here and it works fine. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something wrong.

If you can e-courier your file to us we can investigate further.


~ Cameron

Good morning c.leung!

In ProFile, ensure that the “Carry forward this slip?” question is set to “Yes” for the T5 and NR4 slips you want to carry forward to the following year.

If for some reasons that doesn’t do the trick, would you be able to send us the file in question to

~ Annie

Yes that’s exactly it! Thank you very much!!

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