Review Message when AFR has not been done

I’m adding a new bulletin when a client has a valid consent on file, but no AFR data has been download. It will prevent Efiling of the T1, and of course you can sign the message off or disable it. My question is this… should this message be enabled or disabled by default? How many of you want to be reminded to do AFR before Efiling a return? It would look like this:

~ Cameron

It looks like it would be a convenient way to access the AFR. I would vote for enabled.


Our office would vote for enabled.

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enable please

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This may be great later in the season. Telling offices that have been doing returns since October that they need to open and sign off errors. I would recommend this defaulted to be off.

could we update to have it on in a release after e-filing begins?

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I do like the idea that the message is enabled but auto hidden based on the current date.


@james1, @traceychaves

For what dates then? Or does this need to be another configurable option?? :slight_smile:

~ Cameron

No specific dates , just would extremely prefer to be after e-filing begins.

I do not think it has to be that difficult. If I open a 2016 return and it is February 4, 2017 and the AFR is not active for another two weeks, then the message does not appear. You could arbitrarily use February 1 as the official date the message will show for current year returns. In the end, it does not really matter to me. I like the message in the banner and would likely just ignore it until I wanted to run AFR

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I like the idea of the new bulletin as well. I use AFR for every T1 return I prepare and last year pinned the AFR icon to the Quick Access Bar for quick access. The proposed bulletin would be even more convenient.

Guess the active period would coincide with the period AFR is active with CRA… Not sure if you can hardwire that…

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The CRA announces the dates when AFR will be available and for which years. A new release will have the most current dates.

For what it’s worth, I vote to default to enabled too please!

@pugs1, @james1, @traceychaves, @matthew, @arliss, @snoplowguy, @lynne

Further to this discussion, this warning now triggers under the following circumstance:

  1. A SIN is entered
  2. T1013 is on file
  3. The return is not marked complete or efiled

Right now, when this message is triggered, it will block efile. Should it? Or should there be an option to determine if efile gets blocked if AFR has not been done.

Of course, this bulletin is classed as a “suggestion” so it can be turned off and it can also be signed off. We’ve added the ability to sign off bulletins in the bulletin bar, so that’s a little easier too…

~ Cameron


Sounds perfect.

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Sounds great to me, too.

sound fine to me

Looking forward to test this New Review Message in the next release.

Sounds perfect boss. :slight_smile:

I prefer the choice of option off as a default, instead of other participants