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{ReturnYear} {ReturnType} - {Name} doesn't specify AT1 in print set saved file

I use the above when storing the printed copy of the T2/AT1 in the client folder.
The T2 prints fine and generates a PDF with a name like:

2017 T2 - ABC Corp…pdf
(yes, the double period is annoying, but unavoidable)

However, when the AT1 copy prints, it generates the same name. I’d think that the {return type} would change to AT1, but it doesn’t appear to? My misunderstanding or a bug?

I hadn’t considered it a bug but I do see that we have another field below called return type which would make our nomenclature confusing in the very least.

For now change the {ReturnType} in the filename to AT1 and you’ll get what you need, and I’ll consider how we can make this better.

LOL – OK!! Yup – you get to decide whether that’s a “fix” or a “bug” or just a “let’s change the name….”

Thanks !