T2 File Naming Variables

Being able to create the PDF file name with variables is invaluable. However, for my T2 returns, I was wondering if you could add a variable for the month of the year-end, such as “January” instead of limiting the user to using the digit for the year-end month. My filing system uses the format such as “B:\Opco Ltd\December 31, 2017” and it doesn’t appear that there are any variables to work with this.

As I look at the options, I guess the day of the year-end would be needed, too, such as “July 31”.

I’ll add some date formatting options. Watch for it in the next release. (Not sure when that will be, yet).

Great, Cam. No urgency but it will really help. Thanks.

It would also really be nifty if, in the automatic file naming, we could have the files from the T4 and T5 modules automatically go to the location of the files from the T2 modules, rather than suggesting separate file locations for T4 and T5.

Perhaps the option to do so, but I keep all T1/T2/T3/T4andT5/T2057/T1044 etc. in separate folders on our network so automating that process would definitely be counter-productive for us.

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The T4 and T5 files in the same folder as T2’s - NO. This would create havoc in our firm. Please do not have this as an automatic option.

I also keep my T4/T5 files separate from the T2 folder. The more flexibility in the file naming, the better I see it.

I totally agree with you Roxanne.

For further clarification, our corporate file structure is such: Data/T2/Client Corporation Ltd. (for T1, it is Data/T1/Doe, John & Jane). So to have T4,T5, etc go to separate folders does not work for us.

Bert… you indicated that you keep your T1s and T2s separate from each other. I’m not sure why having T4s or T5s in separate folders wouldn’t work. Perhaps I missed something earlier in the thread. If so, my apologies. But… you could probably setup your default folders to all be the same one if that’s what you wanted anyway right?

I like to keep all client’s data together in one file. As such, to have the T4, etc go to separate files, would, with the automated system, cause them to go to data/T4/client corporation , which is separate from all the other data for the client.

In other words, I am looking for an additional variable which will allow the T4, T5 etc designation to be substituted by T2.

Right now the default file location set is 'data[ReturnType}{HouseholdName}|

Perhaps a variable {ClientType} could be added which would only have the possibility of T1, T2 or T3 to accomplish what I am looking for.

I like having T4 and T5 in their own folders.

However it would be nice to have something in the T2 workflow to indicate if there are T4, T4A, T5, or T5018 on file to add-in.

It would also be nice to have an add-in option from the T4, T4A, T5 or T5018.


I have seen several other date options in various bookkeeping and accounting firms. It would be a nice to have somewhere down the road.

Most firms are working on folder and document naming standards as we move documents to client portal or to firm document management portals.

My big question right now is in file naming.

Do I stay with commas, spaces, and symbols such as dollar signs.

Smith, John, T1 2018, Efile confirmation, 2019-04-15, confirmation number 123456

Or, do I go with a universal Operating System Standards with no spaces, no commas, and no symbols.

Smith-John_T1 2018_Efile-confirmation_2019-04-15_123456

Why not consider: Data/Client Name (i.e either Client Corporation Ltd. Or Doe, John & Jane)/T1 (and/or T3, T2, T4, T5, T5018 etc.).

Each client folder has a subfolder for type of return(s). This is what I do and it works great. Everything related to a client (personal or corporate) is in its own folder.

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@byron.johnson That would be an alternate approach I could consider, though I think @Cameron can give me what I prefer…

@BertMulderCGA, why not use the exception option in the client folders structure?

That is what I am doing right now, but think there is a way to allow it to be done automatically…