Copying print sets to Prior Years

This is our first year using TaxCycle. I created 2022 T1 print sets from scratch. We are now doing some prior year’s returns so I copied the print sets to a prior year. Now when I make changes to the prior year’s print set they are also being reflected in the current year’s print set. For example, I changed the PDF settings to PDF in a 2018 folder instead of 2022 and now my 2022 T1’s are also PDFg into the 2018 folder. If I change 2022 back, then 2018 is PDFg in the 2022 folder. Is there anyway to copy the print sets to prior years and then have them exist as a stand alone print set so a change in one doesn’t create a change in another? I phoned tech support and they said no, but I thought I would check here.

I do something similar. For the first few years, I tried to save my PDF output to folders that correspond with the tax year (PDFs for 2018 tax year go in a 2018 folder, etc). But, I gave up. Not only do you have to manually change the “Save to” folder in TaxCycle Print Options (see below), but I found that whenever I want to look up client data (PDFs) it generally relates to the date I FILED the taxes, so it makes more sense to keep everything in folders relating to the year I prepared them. I still have to change the “Save to” folder every year, in the Print Config:


mine always seem to go in the right folder without changing things year to year

David, in your Print Config, do you have your “Save to…” field set to “With tax return”? See below. That’s the only way I can imagine it would save to a folder identified by the tax year. But, I don’t want my PDFs saved in the same place as the TaxCycle data files. I suspect @teresas doesn’t either.


I don’t have any issues with my printset going into wrong folders. Here’s my printset instructions for my client copy which is saved using Profile’s layout (which I prefer vs TaxCycle’s default layout):

I have all files print to an Archive folder, as shown in the “Save To” field.
In the File Name field, I use parameters to define the year folder vs stating the actual year, which guarantees that the files will go into the right folder within the Archive main folder. The "…\archive" is done by TaxCycle, basically not showing that the section, which is exactly the same as what appears in the “Save To” field above. So the complete directory path, in my example, for FileName field is:

D:\Sync\TaxCycle Files\Archives{ReturnYear} {ReturnType}{LastName}, {FirstName} - {ReturnYear} {ReturnType} Income Tax Return - {Label} {Date}

Like @Nezzer, I also subscribe to Sync for cloud storage, so by placing these printed files into the Sync main folder, the files are automatically sync’d to the cloud for backup storage.

Note that I’ve also set my “Completed Tasks” on the bottom right side of the screen to automatically check off those specific tasks when the printset is printed. These tasks are found in the sidebar “TRACK” tab.

I hope my example is helpful in resolving this issue.

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Yes! Thanks for sharing @kozakworld
I did not realize you could include path modifiers in the filename field!

Yes, thanks for sharing, as this also resolves a small peeve of mine – much appreciated!

I gave @kozakworld suggestion a try and it worked beautifully. I was even able to do it without a Save to Prompt. I’ve included ours as a sample in case it’s useful for others. Thank you!!!