T3 Custom Fields

It would help greatly if you could allow custom fields to be used in the print configuration. For T1’s I have print configurations that save PDF files in folders using the format P:{LastName}, {FirstName}{ReturnYear}. This doesn’t work for T3’s because there is no place to put the first and last name of the deceased. I don’t want the T3’s saved to a folder called “The Estate of John Doe”. I created a custom field called FolderName and entered “Doe, John” but I don’t believe custom fields are available in the print configuration settings.

Thank-you for this request. I use a similar naming convention. I print four sets with slightly different content with some naming variance.

These are not the actual codes as I don’t have time to look them up right now.

LastName, FirstName, ReturnType, Year, Date Filed, client copy
", accountant copy
", CRA copy

LastName, FirstName, ReturnType, Year, Date Filed, client letters, summaries, and invoice

@dominique_dabolczi I use the same idea, printing a file copy of the return, a client copy (in case they lose their copy), a copy of the invoice, a CRA copy (for T3’s that must be mailed), and a planning document that has selected information from the last year’s return.