I really like having the new research links available on the ribbon. Having said that, I do not use Evergreen. As such, I changed the actual hyperlinks for CRA and Evergreen in Options to e-courier and Represent a Client (RAC). This has saved a significant amount of time (especially RAC) by not having to manually get there through a browser. Suggestion: Could you make additional/optional hyperlink fields available for further customization? Specifically, it would be great to access RAC and have TC automatically populate the SIN field in a similar way that AFR does. Another use could be to have a shortcut to tax supporting documentation.



That is so cool, why did I not think of that!

Have mine set to CCH and RAC now

would be nice to hae a 3td one for e-Courier

I had thought of it; however, I just never got around to changing them since I usually have firefox open on one of my three screens all day

Rather than Evergreen (a subscriber service) you could use
And yes, please to a quick link to e-Courier!

I’ve added another Research button for Represent a Client. Moving forward, I think that we’ll allow for the addition of as many Research buttons as you like - with assignable links etc.