Efile Sch89

T2 Sch 89 says visit canada.ca/cra-sers to file electronically. There’s nothing at that website.
Anyone know an alternative, other than snail mail to PEI?

I tried to fax this to PEI, but more than 10 attempts and fax could not go through. Had to mail out hard copies.

SERS is a new service that will allow tax softwares to electronically transmit certain forms and elections. We are currently working with the CRA to implement this feature. I can’t disclose too much information at the moment. So, please stay tuned.


I am very happy to hear about Special Elections and Returns, “SERS”, and the hints about electronic submissions of some SERs in the near future as a possible extension of TaxCycle via some form of online filing.

It is my deepest hope that we will see such filings and submissions to be robust and complete by 2030. We have a whole generation or two of taxpayers who want nothing to do with paper, mail, or clunky online submissions of PDF documents. Most tax accounts and professional preparers would much prefer to see a broad and deep implementation of the online submission of not only Special Elections and Returns, “SERS”, but also all the various forms such as marital status change, address change, family supports registration, etc. These are such black holes sucking up time and energy, and, causing stress and worry for clients due to the extremely long processing time frames.

I look forward to doing a happy dance with each teeny incremental change. Keep up the good work in expanding the capabilities of TaxCycle to meet the increased possibilities of Canada Revenue Agency’s online and e-services.

Will we ever see a more robust document and data download capability such as what the IRS provides?

This is good as long as a paper option always remains an option.

I’ve always wondered why time-sensitive elections, CDA and T2057 for example, were not included in the list of documents you can upload to CRA. I hope SERs finally cures that absence.

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