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Do you use CCH Answer Connect or Taxnet Pro for tax research? Which is better? Do you know of any advance tax forum that I can join or website that have membership. I looking to advance my tax knowledge.

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Video Tax News:

Canadian Taxation Professionals group on LinkedIn:

(you may need an invite for this one)

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Read and research tax cases in CanLII.

Join the Canadian Tax Foundation and read their various publications.

Look up professional locations (restricted access to pros). If you can’t find 'em PM someone on here.

Subscribe to News of Note at Tax Interpretations - There’s lots of good info and notifications of interest there. Read. (FWIW, their site is paywalled 3 weeks each month…and free to access the first week of each month in full.) Newsletter notifications are free.

Notice the common thread…? Read… everywhere, blogs, subscriptions and others…the more widely you read the more interesting things you find. Skim the topics that don’t matter to you (eg. if you don’t do International Tax…skip all the FAPI stuff … but skim it so you’re “aware” and can research later if need be.)

Don’t bother with most “public sites” (cough cough Reddit, Linked In). Most IMO are not worth it because they’re too junky.

There is a TON of good stuff available for free, or by joining and discussing.

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There’s a subreddit page called r/CanTax. A bunch of Tax pros post answers to questions. Most of it can be junk, but some of the users share insightful information.

There’s only so much one can learn, best to stick with certain industries and specialize on that. Like @SmallBizGuy and @Nezzer mentioned, you just need to look for trustworthy sources like VTN or read blogs from an actual professional. Although with the blog part, you’ll need to take the information with a grain of salt. Not all practitioners follow the same procedures.

Occasionally, I purchase a new volume of Byrd & Chen’s Canadian Tax Principles. I remember the good old college days, having to write all the entries by hand.

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I, too like a new Byrd & Chen every few years. I recently tried to order a fresh copy from the CPA Store and apparently they aren’t actually selling it this year (despite the fact it appears on the page)?!

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Thank you all for responding.