Represent a client - slow?

is anyone else having issues getting on cra
i am not having much luck in last couple hours
either slow or kicking me out?


Yep…no AFR, spinning wheel of death, etc. Glad it’s not just me! RRGHHH

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Yup. Here too.

slow like molasses

Posts on Facebook indicate that it is down.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. If you get the spinning wheel of death close it and try again later. When it works it comes up fast.

Yeah, been slow today and now telling me service is down.

I cant even login to CRA Rep for the past couple hours :frowning:

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My colleague says to say that “this is completely unacceptable” :rofl: oh CRA…

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A lot of good that will do, but hey, it is something.

I thought it was great! Excuse to call it a day! Lmao

Problem seems to be back.

Edit: Seems to have been short lived.