Represent a client errors

We’re still getting this message when trying to log into a client file. Anyone still having this issue? solutions?


Your CRA security code has expired.

To get a new CRA security code, contact usopens in a separate window.

Or, if you wish, you can request your CRA security code to be sent by mail. You should receive it within 5-10 days.

When contacting us, have your individual tax return on hand and provide this message number.

I’ve previously spoken to a CRA agent a few weeks back. They’ve said that if you have a CRA MyAccount set up, you can use those credentials to sign into rep a client. Hope that helps.

Hi Nick:
I spoke with CRA a couple of days ago and was told that if I have CRA My Account set up that I am suppose to use that same login for Rep a Client. It did work for me so hope it works for you.

I had the same issue with represent a client. When i called them they told me that their security requirements had changed and i would need to enter the original password that they gave me when i registered for represent a client. What was that, 10 or 15 years ago. Needless to say i no longer have it. They told me that they would mail it out via snail mail and ii should have it in 10 days.

This is the most ridiculous info I’ve ever heard. Talk about inefficiency! You may have been talking to the same agent as I did, a while back, where I could hear pigs snorting in the background…

This could explain it. Both “My Account” and “Rep a client” have the same login credentials; never had an issue login into either one.
Just wondering if some of the login issues are related to VPN software. I’m using Avast VPN and never had a CRA login issue, although I do experience “server error” messages with some of the biggest shopping websites, where I have to pause my VPN to even see their home page. I guess they don’t want my business.