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Represent a Client and Terminal Service

Since the update on the weekend, is anyone else who is operating in a RDS (terminal services) environment experiencing issues with Represent a Client?

We are getting lots of blank pages and have to refresh a few times to get the requested data.

I tried accessing the Represent a Client from my thin client (outside of RDS) and it worked okay. So I am trying to determine if it is everyone or just us with the issue.

(Running windows server 2008 R2 - same problem with explorer and chrome)

Edit: I should note, there does not seem to be a problem with AFR, just rendering pages in the full Represent a Client.

I have no issues accessing RAC directly from a PC via Firefox as an internet browser…however starting yesterday I can no longer print Notices of Assessment. They print as a 4 page document, with the only intelligible information being contained on page 2. Others have experienced this same problem (things were fine last Friday) so they definitely have some problems on the CRA end.

Not sure if any of this is related to your issue @matthew but wanted you to know the site is having issues.

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I got blank pages too and had to refresh. Seems to be better as of yesterday.

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In case anyone is following this:
I spoke with the E-services Help Desk for Individuals today. This is a known issue and is, apparently, being worked on.

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